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Use this tag for questions about web applications that are implementations of open-source projects when there isn't a specific tag for that implementation.

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How to search for Metro-UI Windows 8 apps' repositories in Sourceforge?

When I searched in GitHub/Bitbucket everything was okay because of the repositories' names (and probably because of different search engines), but on this site it just lists the apps' names and it ...
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Which Mail server application is best for CentOS

I am looking for SMTP, IMAP and POP3 server and also a good control panel to manage, create and delete email accounts, users and domain names. I searched on the web and founded several open source but ...
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Filing GitHub repositories into folders?

I have several related GitHub repositories (all owned by my user) which I would like to file together into a folder. I can't find how on the GitHub UI - but is there some way to make it happen anyway?...
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