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Questions tagged [pastebin]

A web application that allows its users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing.

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How to make a pastebin folder visible to the public?

How to make a pastebin folder visible to the public? I have a pastebin pro account.
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How to use bold and italics in pastebin?

How to use bold and italics in pastebin? So far I'm just able to highlight complete lines in yellow. I have a pro account. I wouldn't mind using different colors with my pro account either.
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Make Pastebin posts viewable only by people with the link, not findable in Google search results

How can I prevent my Pastebin posts from showing up when other users search for it on things like Google? I want to put all my assignments in links and post them on a website portfolio but I don't ...
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Can turn URLs into clickable links?

Is capable of turning URLs into clickable links? Is not there additional markup code for this besides @h@ for line highlighting? This discussion suggests that it is not possible. I also ...
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Pastebin formatted text

Pastebin means that you paste your text online. Yet, quite often, my text is nicely formatted whereas all Pastebins that I have seen so far leaves only plain text or applies language-specific ...
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Looking for a pastebin supporting Markdown [closed]

I have gotten used to the text editor and format of Stack Exchange (Markdown), which is much better to describe a question than mail editor. Sometimes I want to describe a problem/question to a ...
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How to generate HTML for syntax highlighted code? [closed]

I want to post on my blog some syntax highlighted code. Sites like PasteBin allows you to do this, but they don't provide the HTML code hassle-free. Instead they suggest you to embed tags like this: ...
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Auto-deleting paste-bins, preferably with file upload

I'm hunting for a pastebin, the features I want the most, are auto-delete, enabled by default,, and file upload , so I can upload images. Bonus points if it allows me to secure the paste from prying ...
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What are the existing services for sharing code? [closed]

I was wondering what are the existing service for sharing code. The only one I know is What are the other alternative and what feature do they have ?