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Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange created by Adobe Systems.

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Link to view PDF version of a Google Docs

I think there used to be a way to link to the PDF version of a Google Docs, but now I can only make a link that downloads the PDF instead of viewing it in the browser. Does anybody know if the old ...
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How do I convert from a Google document to PDF without downloading it?

I'd like to convert from a Google document to PDF and have it just appear in Google Drive, without having to choose "download as" and then re-upload. There's an "email as attachment" option where you ...
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Direct link for PDF files in SkyDrive/OneDrive

I want to make a direct link to a document at SkyDrive, so that I'll see only the PDF at the browser, not any of the SkyDrive chrome. For example, if you click
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Export PDF link sheet ID auto change

I have the link for export as PDF a specific range on a sheet =HYPERLINK("*****export?exportFormat=pdf&format=pdf&gid=962914045&range=A1:H68&pagenumbers=false&gridlines=false&...
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Which versions of the PDF standard does Google Docs support?

What the title says. I know PDFs exported from Google Docs are version 1.4, but which versions does it support when viewing PDFs? I'm asking because I'm having problems with PDFs generated with the ...
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Google docs get PDF without page breaks

Is there a way to make Google docs put all content in a PDF without splitting it into pages? I understand that sticking to a certain page size is important for printing, but for the PDF I'm making it'...
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Print all Gmail messages between specific dates

Is there a way to print (or export, or save as PDF) all mail messages between specific dates in Gmail? I realize I could probably do it through an email client, but I would rather be able to through ...
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