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Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange created by Adobe Systems.

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Get the title and other metadata of a PDF using Google Apps Script

I have a lot of research papers in my google drive. They are all in PDF format. To better manage this large collection of papers (>1k), I want to make a simple table (a Google sheet), in which I ...
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Printing emails including the attached PDF documents in Gmail

I am desperately looking for a solution how to print from Gmail (webinterface, no email client as Thunderbird etc) an email together with the PDF attachments into a single PDF document meaning I do ...
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Is there a script to stamp & password protect a PDF on Google Drive?

I have a few PDFs on a Google Drive, I would like to watermark/stamp & password protect (to disallow editing) before I share them. Is there a solution using Google App Scripts?
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Exporting Google Sheet to PDF

I'm trying to export the current active Google Sheet to a PDF. The below nearly does what I want but I would like a few changes. Changes. Save the PDF in the same folder as the main spreadsheet ...
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How to disable Sci-Hub display of PDF

I frequently use Sci-Hub. However, I would like Sci-Hub to not display PDFs in my browser. Apparently the site uses some kind of JavaScript to create a PDF viewer, as my browser is set to never ...
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Link to view PDF version of a Word Online doc

I create documents which I update frequently, I share these with a link which turns the document into a pdf when clicked ensuring whoever clicks the link always gets the most up to date, pdf version. ...
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Google Drive not indexing searchable PDF

I have a fully searchable PDF. The PDF was scanned and then converted to text by Fujitsu's ScanSnap Manager #iX500 (W). For those who want all the details, here's the info from Document Properties: ...
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Save location in PDF files in Google Drive

How can I read my GDrive PDF documents and be able to mark which page I am on? Adobe Player does not read GDrive files. Different owners, obviously.
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How to convert PDF to Google Docs for several files, to save space

I'm trying to save space on my Google Drive. I noticed I have several PDFs stored, most of which are over 1MB. According to Google Support, Google Drive can convert PDFs to Google Docs (which is nice ...
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Google Drive track furthest read page in a PDF, or have selectable text in uploaded Google Books?

Is there a way to automatically track the furtherest read page of a PDF in in Google Docs? I have some large text books and other technical reading I'm working through slowly. I've uploaded them to ...
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Some PDF are partially displayed in Google Docs Viewer

I have a web application where people can upload PDF files and I'm reviewing it online with Google Docs Viewer API, from a back-end web application. I can get many different PDF sources, because of ...
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Creating Multiple PDF's from Google Sheets from a client list

I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet with logged times for projects. I need the data from each client to create a PDF with their times displayed. See attached image. This example has four clients, so I ...
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How do I search for PDF non-embed fonts?

I am trying to upload a pdf to KDP Amazon Publishing. My book was created in google docs. I save to print PDF and upload the paperback manuscript, but it has non-standardized fonts. How do I find the ...
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How to merge Google documents with PDF files automatically?

I am trying to merge different file sources into one Google doc, in a programmatic way. That means I should use Google scripting. So far I do not have problems inserting text files, images, MS Word or ...
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Exporting Google SpreadSheet to PDF (filename referring to a cell D7)

I have developed a script which allows me to export a spreadsheet to a pdf file with a click of a button. I have assigned the script to a macro so that it is triggered by clicking on an image. Script ...
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