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Questions tagged [pinboard]

A social bookmarking website focused on personal management of bookmarks using tags to organize them, similar to early versions of the Delicious social bookmarking service.

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Add bookmark to pinboard by scanning qr code

When I scan a qr code (provided it encodes an URL, of course) I'd love to have it automatically added to Pinboard. Ways I've thought of which sadly don't work: find an Android app which offers this ...
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Pinboard, NoScript and Firefox

I use Firefox with a pretty un-trusting NoScript setup - basically, most sites stay with disabled Javascript and, if I do grant it, I usually do it only temporarily. Up until recently, I had no ...
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Is it possible to share links with another Pinboard user?

I want to be able to bookmark links for my wife and have her see them in Pinboard somehow. When we used Delicious, I could tag a link with for:my-wifes-account and have it appear in her inbox.
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Search Pinboard and Google at the same time

Is there a way to search pinboard when I search google? Evernote has that kind of functionality. EDIT: The search functionality I'm looking for is the parallel search functionality that the evernote ...
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Posting to both Delicious and Pinboard at the same time with a bookmarklet [closed]

I'm trying to cross post between Delicious and Pinboard with a bookmarklet but don't know how to create it. I want to be able to keep the tags and notes intact. I know that Pinboard will sync with ...
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