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Convert exported Trello JSON to Pivotal Tracker CSV?

I am exporting a board from Trello, to import it into Pivotal Tracker. In order to get the full detail out of Trello, it's necessary to export as JSON. In order to import that detail into Pivotal ...
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How to enter a multi-word emoji into Pivotal Tracker?

Pivotal Tracker currently has a beta feature which allows the user to enter an emoji. According to their example, you need to enclose the emoji in : signs: They seem to be using the Emoji for PHP ...
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Enable PivotalTracker estimation for bugs and chores

The PivotalTracker Help Center states that: You can enable estimation for bugs and chores in Project Settings How is this enabled?
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How do I open links to a specific website in a non-default browser on a Mac? [closed]

My default browser is the latest Chrome on the latest OS X. I want to open links to (from Skype, email, wherever) in a Fluid browser that is dedicated to Pivotal Tracker. Googling ...
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