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Questions tagged [posterous]

A simple blogging platform. The service was shut down permanently on April 30, 2013.

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Linking a domain name with [closed]

I have recently bought a domain name through my web hosts and would like to link it to a Posterous account. Following the instructions on the Posterous website I have entered my domain details in but ...
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2 answers

Pointing a Posterous blog to a subdirectory on a custom domain? [closed]

It's easy to use Posterous with a custom domain or subdomain. But if my main website is on is it possible to have a Posterous blog on, instead of blog.mydomain....
2 votes
3 answers

Where can I get themes for my Posterous Blog [closed]

They only have a few options and when you compare to other blog services it seems very lacking. I'm hoping there's some sort of repository out there I haven't bumped into yet.
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4 answers

How to backup a Posterous blog? [closed]

Short of using 3rd party tools, is there a way of backing up a Posterous blog? If not, how do you suggest I do it (using 3rd party tools)?
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How can I write complex math equations on Posterous using Latex [closed]

How can I write complex math equations on posterous using LaTeX? Do they support it or anything similar? I have mailed their support two times in a row, but there was no response.
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1 answer

Creating duplicate posts from my WordPress blog over to Posterous [closed]

How do I set up my WordPress blog to also post those entries at Posterous? I have the RSS feed from the WordPress site and would like to have it replicate over to the Posterous one without having to ...