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How do I download from Gutenberg by genre or subgenre?

For a project I'm working on, I need to access all the English fiction in Gutenberg, and then all the horror stories in English fiction on Gutenberg? I see how I download all the txt files in English. ...
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Download raw text from Project Gutenberg in English AND by genre

For research purposes I need to download some books from Project Gutenberg but only with the genre "fiction" and in English language. I found that I can download all the English books defining also ...
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How to save a Project Gutenberg book to Pocket?

When I try to save to Pocket using the Firefox extension or Android share feature, what ends up in my Pocket is the landing page, http://www....
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How to download all English books from Gutenberg?

I need to download all Gutenberg ebooks, in plain text format (not html) and only in English language. Anyone has suggestions how to download them all from the Gutenberg server? I need them to make ...
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