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Questions tagged [project-management]

For questions about project management features of web applications.

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How can I create a Google Spreadsheets whose name and cells auto-complete with cells completed on another sheet?

I'm using Google Spreadsheets to manage projects, and I'm not familiar with scripts or macros. What is: 1) I have a Gantt spreadsheet which lists all the ongoing and foreseen project as follows (by ...
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Can I browse all the public JIRA boards available?

Is there a way to browse public boards on Jira? I would be interested in how other users set up their boards, how they use it & so on. Note: it's the same question as Can I browse all the public ...
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Have item status changes trigger the automatic creation of a new group

I'm working in and trying to create an automation where when an item's status changes, a new group is created and is named the same thing as the item. I'd also be open to other trigger ...
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