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Questions tagged [protonmail]

For questions about the Protonmail service as accessed by a desktop or mobile browser. Questions about native smartphone apps are off-topic on Web Apps.

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How can Proton and Tutanota not support IMAP access if Hushmail is able to?

I'm trying to make sense of the IMAP support (or lack thereof) for the three "big" or somewhat established privacy e-mail services: Proton says: Proton Mail Bridge adds end-to-end ...
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When do Protonmail filters run?

I have a ProtonMail Pro account. I have created a number of filters in ProtonMail and it seems like they are not running consistently, but possibly I am wrong about this. My specific question is do ...
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Possible to switch from to

I went to to sign my child up for an account. I didn't notice that there was an option between and and that it defaulted to I then signed my child up ...
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How do I delete all my mail from the inbox in ProtonMail?

When using ProtonMail, there doesn't seem to be a way to delete all my mail in my inbox. I have over 10K+ emails that I just want to archive. Currently I have to select one at a time to move them to ...
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2 answers

Odd ProtonMail text modification in drafts

I have a text stored in ProtonMail's draft message. Once, I logon and I see odd modifications to my message: seems like < has been changed to &lt;. seems like > has been changed to &gt;...
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ProtonMail turn off auto-copy of conversation

When I reply in ProtonMail it automatically includes a copy of the entire conversation so far. I can manually delete all of that every time, but is there a way to turn off this behaviour? It's ...
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