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Apply to questions about a server that act as an intermediary between a client and one or more other servers that is often used for privacy or to disguise the origin of a request.

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@IFTTT: How to replace the domain in the EntryURL fed by a RSS source?

In "If this then that" I would like to replace by or similar services, which can pass youtube videos through a proxy. How can I do this without the need to create a self-hosted ...
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Using Spotify Web Player behind proxy

Spotify Web Player does not work behind my company proxy. Is there a way to use Spotify Web Player when behind a company proxy?
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Render images with non-public URL in body of Gmail message?

With Gmail's recent change to serve all images through a proxy, it appears that it is no longer possible to embed an image that is served up via a localhost URL. For example, as a developer, I used ...
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How do I allow sign-ins from unusual locations in Google? [duplicate]

I work for a company that provides internet to the users through proxy servers located in the USA and Switzerland, which results in all kinds of inconveniences, of which the most annoying is the fact ...
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Twitter access behind a proxy

We're forced to use a proxy server for internet and LAN connections in our company and they've recently blocked Twitter. I use Twitter for my work as I follow many well known people from the software ...
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How to circumvent country restrictions without installing software? [closed]

HotSpot Shield sets your computer proxy configuration so you can access sites that wouldn't work if they knew the country where you are at. But it requires installation. Web interfaces to proxies ...
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