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For questions about the Quick Response (QR) code system that uses a two-dimensional bar code. Use in connection with a tag for the relevant application.

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QR link use statistics

I want to create a QR code for a given link to a website I don't own, but wish to promote. Mainly due to curiosity I want to track how many sites that link was visited from my code (and anything that ...
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Card creation from barcode

Has anyone used a barcode (or QR Code) to create a Trello card? With the keyboard shortcuts I would think it could be possible to create a new card and fill out some associated information. Has ...
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QR code for Android messages not loading in Firefox

When I visit Google web messages ( in Firefox, the QR code does not load (see image below). I have tried the following: opening Firefox in safe-mode disabling AdBlocker and ...
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Adding a Generated QR Code from Google Sheet to an Avery "Mail merge" template in Google Docs

Using the Avery Google Docs Add-on I am attempting to make some labels with QR codes on them. You will need to open Google Docs then install the add-on in docs. you will also need a spreadsheet ...
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