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For questions about a spreadsheet function that allows selection from a string on the basis of a regular expression.

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1 answer

How to apply a relative reference in conditional formatting formula?

I have a whole bunch of cells (28 so far) that need conditional formatting. Here is what the data looks like: I want the colours in the top "Last Period" metric cells to vary depending on the values ...
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1 answer

Pretty print google sheet formula?

Finding answers on Web Apps SE or Reddit is wonderful, but if you don't understand them you can't modify them. I recently came across the following as part of an answer: ={"Corrected List 2";...
3 votes
1 answer

How to modify REGEXEXTRACT to import total hours played on Steam

My problem is similar as the one answered here: How to create an auto updating Google spreadsheet with information from Steam? Only I need to modify the REGEXEXTRACTs to find total hours played ...
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Google Sheets' Duration Input issue

We have been using Apple Numbers which seems to have this duration thing figured out a little better than Google, (either that or I'm missing something). In Apple Numbers, if I type into a cell with a ...