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For questions about the use of FitnessKeeper, Inc.’s website at for tracking, managing, and sharing fitness activities.

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Update an old activity in Runkeeper and have that update in MyFitnessPal?

Setup is Runkeeper for Activity logging, automatically synced to MyFitnessPal for calorie counting. If I change the activity type in a Runkeeper activity that is a few days old, is it possible to ...
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How do I sync my RunKeeper workout schedule with Google Calender?

I have a RunKeeper account with an Elite subscription. I joined a training plan and can see the workout schedule on the website. I would like to sync this schedule with my Google calendar. I tried ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to push from Fitbit to Fitocracy through RunKeeper?

I have a Fitbit device and synchronise with the website. My account on the Fitbit website is linked to Runkeeper, which has Read and Write access to my Fitbit profile. Runkeeper is connected to both ...
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