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An image taken by a computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor, television, or another visual output device.

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Save screenshot to Dropbox on PC having keyboard without PrintScreen button on Chrome [closed]

I have an HTPC where I watch tutorials on youtube or wherever, but the cheap BT keyboard I have for this doesn't sport a PS button. I want to take screenshots on this machine to my Dropbox so I can ...
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Take HD screenshots of YouTube videos

How do I get HD quality screenshots of YouTube videos? I want a better alternative to the printscreen-copy-paste method. The service does not provide HD images ...
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Web app for taking high res screenshots of my app [closed]

I have a web app, and I want to take a good screenshot of it, for its landing page. This is an example. Anyone know how to do it, on on a macbook air Here is an example
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How to bypass a websites print version?

I'm trying to save a PDF of a page from the website. When I open the print dialogue (in Safari and Chrome) the page loses all its formatting to become a stripped back printable version....
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Script Error using FogBugz Screenshot / BugShooting

When generating a screenshot using FogBugz Screenshot tool, I get the following error: This used to open in a new browser window, whereas now it opens in the login window and generates the error ...
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How to convert Google Maps "My Maps" to an image?

I have found this excelent tool My Maps -> Static Map Converter Which does what I want, converting polygons, polylines and markers too. But it has a limitation. It generates URLs so big that the ...
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How can I delete images uploaded to TinyGrab?

How can I delete images uploaded to TinyGrab?
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What web apps will produce thumbnail screenshots of modern web sites [closed]

I'm looking for a web app (ideally with an API) that will, when given a URL, take a screenshot of the web page and provide thumbnail images. It must support sites that use javascript for rendering, ...
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Website or bookmarklet to get a screenshot of a webpage [closed]

Is there a website or bookmarklet which given a URL will output a screenshot of that page? Ideally there should be options to resize the outputted image.