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Only use when there is not a more specific tag. A tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web and FTP servers, it would be web application by itself or it could be integrated with other tools l like web browsers and other web applications.

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Google top 100 words searched for

Is there any way to see the list of top words searched for on Google? I'm looking for a range of somewhere like 100-500 words. The problem with Google Hot Trends/Searches and Google Zeitgeist is that ...
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What is the code that one can use for country-specific ranking search on Baidu?

What is the code that one can use for country-specific ranking searches on Baidu? In other words, how can I make Baidu search engine ignore where I am in the world? For Google, the code to use is ...
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Search engine uses wikipedia result as default?

I tried searching for what this is called but couldn't find a result. So when searching for anything on a search engine it will give you a list of results but on the right-hand side a box will show ...
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How to activate keyword highlighting in search results of DuckDuckGo?

Is it possible to have the query words highlighted in the search results of DuckDuckGo? I really like the Google layout, which displays text passages with query word in bold fonts. Does DDG have a ...
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Why does Google, Amazon, and other search (& search related) platforms still seem to have difficulties with seemingly basic queries?

I've noticed for some time now that Google (as amazing of a search engine as it is) and Amazon, as well as other large search platforms are still having a difficult time producing relevant results ...
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Search the web for a long hyphen "–" but exclude items with a short hyphen "-"

I would like to search for a word that is preceded by a long hyphen "–" (U+2013 : EN DASH ) such as –format but exclude items that have short/normal/minus hyphen "-": (U+002D : HYPHEN-MINUS): -...
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Restrict Google News search to United States publications

I have created a Google News feed to display on a website. It's inexplicably giving me hits from other countries. Here is the RSS feed code I have tried:
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Combination of quotations and OR do not work in Bing Search

To proceed on the question posted here: Quotation marks do not work in Bing? I want to make a combined search for two variations of the same sentence. It could be for instance: Query: "moscow is a ...
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YouTube Video Description Not Updating in Google Search Results After Editing: How to Resolve?

I've noticed a recurring issue with YouTube videos where, after initially posting a video and having it appear in Google search results, subsequent edits to the video description do not seem to be ...
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Exclude sites from web search

Is it possible to exclude certain sites from a web search so they don't appear in the search results? Some search engines have a feature called safe search, but that doesn't look configurable (at ...
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Is there a search engine that does not forward the query to Google?

This is a search engine privacy question. Imagine a scenario where a person wants to check if some sensitive fact about him/her is easily found with a web based search engine. For example, let us say ...
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Google Search quotes do not work for non-English text

If it's an English text (eg), all search results will have the quoted text. But otherwise (eg (ctrl-F ≪因为≫)) no. Why does it not work? How to get it to work?
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How can I search Google for number ranges that use the M and K number abbreviation?

My goal is to search Google for instagram profiles that have a certain amount of followers. Filtering down to profiles only is easy but the hard part is making google understand the number ...
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Does search engines like Google or Bing search through all web pages for a single query every time?

Here is what I imagine would happen when I type in a search query in Google or Bing: The search query is converted into a vector through some pre-trained machine learning models. The vector captures ...
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