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Use for questions about using search operators on the search feature of search engines and other web applications working with indexing content. Use together with the tag that corresponds to the web application used. Please do not use it on questions about spreadsheet formulas or low code / no code formulas functions like SEARCH and FIND that only search / find in a specific value or array of values.

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What search operator will limit search results to content in a specific language? [duplicate]

I'm using Google Search and want to limit results to pages written in a language I specify. There is a similar question How to restrict a Google search to results of a specific language? that has this ...
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Language to restrict a web search query to only search company websites

I was wondering if there was a way to limit a Google web search query to only return company websites or to search an "about" page of a webpage? For example, if I'm trying to find a company ...
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How Do I Combine Gmail Search Operators?

I was attempting to create a filter which would delete all emails alerting me that a website updated its terms or privacy policy. This is the search filter I'm trying to use to accomplish that +...
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Is there a keyword to search for Google results within the last x days/weeks/months/years? [duplicate]

Is there a keyword (see this) to search for results within the last x days/weeks/months/years? I know that you can do this by adding code at the end of the search URL, e.g. for results dating no more ...
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Where to find a list of Google search operators?

I heard once that there are some search keywords or operators that google could use to enhance the search results. One of them was "NEAR"... Say if I search "make" NEAR "great ...
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Would like to exclude any sort of video from a Google search

I have a topic I'm interested in reading about. (DIY hamster toys in this case — but it could be anything.) When I do a Google search there are tons of videos in the results. In my initial ...
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How to narrow Google Image Search to only include specific file type

I want to narrow a Google Image Search to only include a specific file type. In my specific case, I'm interested only in .gifs. Including the search term ".gif" does not effectively or ...
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Wildcards in Google advanced search

I have been using Google advanced search operators like intext:, inurl, intitle, etc. And I know that when search in Google we can use * as a wildcard operator. But I have tried to used * as the ...
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How to exclude popular matches from Google search results?

Say I want to search for images with the keywords wallpaper nirvana. I get lots of images related to the popular band Nirvana. But how can I exclude them and get images, related to the mental state ...
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Looking for help filtering Gmail results [duplicate]

Is there a way to filter Gmail results to exclude results where a search term appears only in certain contexts? I spend a lot of time looking for results related to state taxes, so I monitor a lot of ...
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Google search of "not intitle:" for terms present in content but not in title? [duplicate]

Is there a way to search in Google for results that have not the terms in page title but in page content? Namely something like "my term -intitle:my term" or "my term !intitle:my term"?'s user avatar
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What does the asterisk do in Google Search [duplicate]

What is the difference between bark*, bark and bark * in Google Search?
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Google reverse image search in a specific site

I want to use Google (or any other good option) to search for a specific image inside a specific site. I go to Click on that small camera icon Paste the image URL Now I see ...
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How to use boolean AND and NOT operators in Gmail search

I'm trying to find mails that have one address in the recipients but another not in it. I'm trying things like from:[email protected] and not from:[email protected] and from:([email protected] and ...
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Google Search Tips For French Words on Images

I like to find film posters or book covers featuring a word that I am learning. Sometimes it is difficult to find anything using Google Image search, so I need to improve my search terms. For example, ...
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How do I specify a filetype in a Google search? [duplicate]

Is there a syntax to specify a filetype in a Google search? What is it? (I'm looking for PDFs.)
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How do I force Google Search to use the word I type with no "corrections"?

Many of the acronyms or scientific words I punch into Google seem to be silently auto-corrected to something more usual, e.g. "MAPB agarose" is turned into "map agarose" without the Showing ...
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Forced words in Google search query are being ignored, plus no longer working as explicit inclusion

How do I force including a word in Google search if the plus (+) operator doesn't work anymore? Here's an example search. +("os x" OR "osx") +temperature +(console OR "command line") I expected ...
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How to restrict a Google search to results of a specific language?

How can I restrict the results of a Google search to only a specific language? Is there an operator like language:english?
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How do I find a page with two specific links on it? [closed]

I used to be able to do this in Google, but with the increasing dumbing down of Google this feature no longer works. e.g. I want science related news so I use Google: +link:...
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Search for vector graphics in Google Images

In Google Images, one can normally specify an image format, for example let's say I want PNGs; then I can type filetype:png my search terms. Today, I wanted to search for some vector graphics so I ...
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Find deep links to our site with Google Search [closed]

We are in the process of moving to a different provider, and I want to check which popular deep links go to our site. I have some server logs, but I want to cross-check with Google. I do know link:...
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How to search for links on one web site to another

Is there a way, to use Google Search to search for all links to a particular website on a different website. For example, could I search for all links to Wikipedia on this site (webapps.stackexchange....
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