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Can some slack permissions give apps access to all private and direct messages? [closed]

Some students have added some apps to slack that have the following permissions: channels:history View messages and other content in a user’s public and private channels groups:history View messages ...
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Why is my slack account associated with a channel I joined?

As I lack the basic understanding of Slacks user management, I probably word this question wrong. Please bear with me. Here is the issue: I frequently get invited into the Slack channels of my ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Slack: How to be notified about new activity via email?

TLDR: In the Slack options, I can select to be notified about direct messages and mentions. How can I be notified about all new activity via email? Long version: I want to keep track of what happens ...
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How to forward/integrate Discourse posts to/with Slack?

I would like to submit Discourse posts to a Slack channel. When I googled the topic some old blog posts came up from 2016/17 for an integration that seems deprecated. What's the recommended way to set ...
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1 answer

Privacy and anonymity of Slackbot messages

Consider the following scenario. Company A develops a Slackbot for use in the Slack workspace of Company B by person C. Person C communicates with the chatbot of company A. Company A wants to ensure ...
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Disable Slackbot spam

I see this spam message from Slackbot often: Good news! Slack can now do more with Google Drive files, like help you share files and manage who can see them. It is "permission spam" when ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to process emoji reactions to your slack bot's messages in Node.js? [closed]

I have a Slack bot written in Node.js and I'd like to make it so the bot can process (and answer) every time a person reacts to the bot's messages with an emoji. I understand probably I will only be ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I see all my Slack activity within a period?

I feel that I could optimize my working style, so I would like a retrospective view on my Slack activity. To see how a typical day of mine actually are with regards to meetings, context shifts and ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to show (and edit) last Slash Command in Slack

Using a Slack Slash Command obviously shows the output of the command as a response. Unfortunately, the command entered isn't shown, so you need to guess (or retrieve from your own memory) what the ...
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How can I automatically resend a Slack message every X days in a public channel if it hasn't gotten any reply?

How can I automatically resend a Slack message every X days in a public channel if it hasn't gotten any reply?
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0 answers

How can I edit the url where my slack bot lives?

I created a slack app/bot user which I can direct message. When I send it a message it sends me a response. The bot is deployed in heroku. I'd like the bot to no longer live in heroku, but live ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Google Data Studio and Slack integration

How Can I connect my Google Data Studio reports, or parts of them with slack? I would like that each day appear in slack some report that I will customize in Google Data Studio. And if I want to do ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Does Slackbot Custom response have multiline support?

Slack offers this great functionality that a Slackbot can react to some specific words or expressions on public channels or DM to oneself. Yet, you cannot input text that is multiline like we would ...
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