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Email address which forwards to my Google Voice SMS inbox

NOTE: This question intentionally replicates What SMS email address works for Google Voice? But that is 8+ years old, and the accepted answer does not apply. I guess it would be misleading to place a ...
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Is it possible to get SMS texts for tweets from a specific user that match certain words?

I know that you can send an SMS text from Twitter for all tweets that you get from a specific user. But is it possible to only send texts when a tweet is from a specific user and that also match ...
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Is it possible to create an email without a mobile phone number?

I tried signing up for a Hotmail account and thought that went fine. That is, until I tried sending an email. When I hit send, a small box comes up asking me to verify via SMS. I tried to google this ...
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IFTTT-style trigger for receiving texts?

What I would like to do is configure my phone so that whenever I receive a text from a specific group chat, my phone automatically texts itself the message in a different format. My phone is an iPhone ...
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Google Voice SMS forwarding

Due to bank limitations I need some way to send a text message to two different cell phones. My Android phone makes it easy to forward selected texts to my wife. She has an iPhone. I and others have ...
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Google messing up with messages that go through the SMS-email gateway

I have a small web application -- a prompter that tells people when they should be ready to come live on a meeting -- that works well on e-mail. It sends people a message (periodically) saying they ...
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Is it possible to pull a link preview when posting to Google+ via SMS?

I have my Google+ account set up so I can post via SMS. When I post a URL, the preview of the link (and image) is not displayed. Google seems to fall short in documenting their own products, at times....
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using Yahoo Messenger to send SMS

When using Yahoo Messenger to send SMS, I get: Sorry, but Yahoo! Messenger is currently unavailable. Please try again later. I receive this error message after step three below: To send SMS ...
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Where can I find a list of calling numbers used by Google Calendar SMS service

I frequently use SMS notifications in Google Calendar, but I seem to receive the SMS message from a different sending number each time. So my SMS list is full of different "random" numbers. I'd like ...
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Google Desktop Client for Text Messaging

I know someone who wants to receive and respond to text messages from their desktop and am unfamiliar with Google's exploding messaging options. Years ago I switched to Google Voice and I use ...
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