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Questions tagged [smtp]

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

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Gmail keeps turning off 'Less secure app access' feature

When attempting to send an email (using Gmail SMTP) from my web application I get error message about failed authentication. This is a result of 'Less secure app access' feature being turned off in ...
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Need a workaround for sending email in Gmail via Microsoft email address

I have has this issue for a while and its starting to cause problems so I need a workaround. The problem is I use Gmail to send emails using my MSN account. When I send the email to multiple ...
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Creating an alias for Gmail, only shown SMTP option

I am trying to create a new Gmail alias so that my sending email goes with the email identity I am trying to use. In the past, I could go to Setting -> Alias, and just verify that I own the domain ...
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Yahoo! Spam filter does not work

I believe the Yahoo! spam filter does not work. I handle multiple Yahoo! accounts via IMAP / SMTP. When I receive an email that should go to Inbox and goes to Spam, I move it from Spam to Inbox (via ...
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Office365 SMTP access is very slow

I've been given an Office365 account for work, and I'm try to set it up with an SMTP client (to be specific, msmtp, for use with Mutt). Though the SMTP transfer takes place OK, it takes a long time (>...
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SMTP with app-passowrd of O365 does not work

I have an email address in Office 365 which I would like to use for a scanner's SMTP feature. For this email address, I have enforced MFA to be able to set an app-password. I give the following ...
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What SMTP headers are inserted by Gmail or other service providers, when they forward an email?

Suppose, I have set auto-forward emails in my Gmail or other service providers to some other email ID. What kind of SMTP headers are inserted in that email so that the receiver SMTP server of those ...
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Can I use an SMTP server behind a firewall when using Gmail?

I use a certain email address with Gmail, and I would like to use for it a different SMTP server than the normal one (it is an alias). The SMTP server is behind a firewall, is it still possible to use ...
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Using my domain with SMTP and Gmail = not receiving customer replies

I need to be able to send and receive mails using [email protected] I want to manage my mails using Gmail by logging into [email protected] However, to prevent my original mail being displayed ("email ...
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