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This tag should be used to differentiate questions about the grouping of music, podcasts and video that facilitate an audience's decision about what they want to listen to or view from other questions on this site. Not normally appropriate in conjunction with tag [lists]. Use when the topic is a Spotify list. There are separate tags: [trello-lists], [pandora-playlist], [youtube-playlist] ...

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Spotify: How to get truly random playback using playlist shuffle?

When playing Spotify playlists in shuffle mode (currently the only available mode for free accounts, while as a paying premium customer I can play in the original playlist order or in a pseudo-...
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Is it possible to add an entire album to a playlist on Spotify?

Pretty much like the title says, is it possible to add an entire album to a playlist at once, instead of having to add every single track manually? I can't find a way to do that, am I overlooking ...
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How to extract Last.FM user's LOVED tracks to a new Spotify playlist?

Is there a way to export all loved tracks from my LastFM user account into a new playlist on Spotify? I found three non-satisfying online tools: Spotibot is useless for my over 700 loved tracks. ...
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How to do advanced search and sorting for public Spotify playlists?

There are more than one billion public playlists available on Spotify. But as far as I can tell, the only way to search for them is to enter a word in the universal search field (I mostly use the ...
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How do I reorder the tracks in a Spotify playlist using the web player?

I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 7. I can't drag and drop the tracks, and I see no option for changing the order.
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3k views playlist to Spotify playlist

Is there any easy way to convert a playlist, such as this one, to a Spotify playlist? (One which would include, of course, those of the songs that are available on Spotify.) You can export ...
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