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Secure Sockets Layer a/k/a Transport Layer Security (TLS) - cryptographic protocol that provides communication security over the Internet.

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What’s the difference between * and

What’s the difference between * and On the SSL certificate it shows the two at the bottom as valid DNS for DuckDuckGo. I understand the asterisk is a wildcard in code, ...
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SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG misery and confusion

Hope this is the right StackExchange Q&A place... I am trying to configure a VPS at Hostinger ... I am beginning to suspect it is too difficult for me and I may have to switch to a simpler "...
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Getting root domain SSL to work with G Suite, Google Sites, and Google Domains [closed]

I have Google's G Suite newly hooked up to a domain I'll call I have a Google Sites (a new-Google-Sites site) at an address like this: I have ...
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The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date

Starting this morning, while using Gmail as usual, e-mails sent through one of my accounts started to generate return-errors: This started to be happening today (after 2-3 years of using this account ...
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Looking for a Chrome web extension to alert when a TLS cert expires soon [closed]

It would be great to have a Chrome extension (or Firefox, or Edgium, or Safari) that throws some kind of error starting a couple of weeks before a site's TLS Certificate expires. Is there such a ...
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How can I host a custom HTTPS domain at GitHub?

I use GitHub pages to host a static website at a custom domain. When I visit I get my website as expected. When I visit I get a certificate warning:...
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Do I need an SSL certificate?

Do I need an SSL certificate for my website if I'm using Cognito Forms? My media person is trying to sell me an SSL certificate as Google is going to mark HTML pages with forms as "insecure", but I'm ...
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Gmail does not accept certificate for my other POP3-mailserver

I have a VPS where some of the users have used their Gmail accounts to check the mail (using Gmail's "other POP3 accounts I own"-feature). However, we forgot to renew the SSL certificate in time, but ...
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"SSL search is off" notification on Google

The Problem Since this morning, I have been getting pop-up notifications on Google SERPs like this one: Looking up at my address bar, Google indeed wasn't using HTTPS. The Background SSL ...
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Does the Meebo Minibar use HTTPS? [closed]

I use Meebo my primary IM client anymore, and I always use it via HTTPS. They rolled out a bunch of updates to the whole Meebo service today (most of which I'm not a fan of), but the new Meebo ...
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Why wouldn't you use SSL? [closed]

A lot of web applications (Facebook and Twitter, for example) provide SSL support, but don't make browsing with SSL the default option--you have to opt-in manually. Is there some kind of major ...
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Do I need SSL even with PayPal transaction?

In my website, I have a Product Order Form. When a fills the necessary details and clicks Submit, the control is transferred to PayPal for processing transaction. I have a business account. I want ...
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AIM via Gmail chat -- is it encrypted through SSL? [closed]

When using G Chat in the Gmail interface (and using SSL/HTTPS), you have the ability to log in to AIM as well. Is this encrypted like the email and G Chat? Recently I've noticed there is an icon ...
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Does Gmail IMAP use a self-signed SSL cert?

I'm trying to set up Gmail using a desktop client, via IMAP. It works, except that my client is complaining about the SSL cert: Issuer: CN=Google Internet Authority,O=Google Inc,C=US ...
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Does Facebook provide an SSL/TLS interface?

Does Facebook only support HTTP or does it have HTTPS also?
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Can I access Gmail through SSL? [closed]

Is there a way to access Gmail securely over SSL?
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Log into Gmail without SSL [duplicate]

How do I log into or use Gmail without having to go through the HTTPS or SSL version? Since the 443 ports for HTTPS is filtered in Iran, is there any alternative method of logging into Gmail which ...
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