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A mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data.

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In Slack, how do I find out how many messages per month per channel?

I'm the Slack admin. I want to replace a home-grown Slack integration with Zapier. But to know which Zapier tier to buy, I need to know historically how many messages were posted to a given Slack ...
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0 answers

Computing the percent of authorship in a Google document?

I have a Google document where 4 people contributed. Is there any way to get a sense of how much each of them committed, like TortoiseSVN does for SVN repositories?
1 vote
0 answers

How can I get usage data from my Skype account?

I would like to get details of calls, like exact date, time consumption and bandwidth. Is it possible in Skype?
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0 answers

Counting number of labels created per day in Gmail

I receive many enquiries/emails every day. Each one is labeled as enquiry. Each enquiry/email is responded to within the specific thread. Some email threads can include 20 or more emails and each ...
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See most visited sites on Google has disappeared?

I know for a fact a couple of years ago, I could go to or and it would greet me with statistics of my visited sites. It would show stuff like how many times I ...
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Calculate percentiles from number of occurrences

I have a set of possible values, and for each, how many times they appeared in a dataset. How do I calculate percentiles from these ? The PERCENTILE only takes in a complete dataset, i.e. each ...
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