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Questions tagged [strava]

For questions about the Strava web application, not the mobile apps (for those, ask on Ask Different or Android Enthusiasts instead).

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How to create a linked sheet that checks a box for a day if found and inserts text from another column

I'm trying to create a sheet in Google Sheets for my team that shows me what runners have run on what day of the week. Their activities are automatically imported via Zapier with dates from Strava ...
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Is it possible to upload a partial trace in strava?

I am about to hike 40 days. I already have a smart watch (Huami Amazfit Pace) that communicate with Strava. Thing is I don't know if it is possible to use a single gps for the whole 40 days, pause it ...
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How can I see best efforts on Strava?

I have a free Strava account. In my profile on the Strava webpage, I can see my estimated best efforts. For what concern running I can see: 1k 1 mile 5k 10k Half-Marathon Marathon After a run, ...
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Bulk-edit Strava activities

In a recent update, Strava modified the "Upload Activity" dialog so that users can set the correct bike before uploading their activity. I have many activities incorrectly saved against the default ...
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