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Process by which media (audio/video) is received by a user at the same time as it is delivered by a provider.

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Is there any way to see when a youtube livestream started?

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to find out when a YouTube livestream started. I've tried googling around but can't seem to find a solution. Of course I can see the date of the stream, but I'm ...
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How to "force" YouTube to AutoBuffer the whole video?

I have very fast internet, but it gets interrupted a lot (or so it seems with YouTube specifically), and even if it is smooth, I get bugged when I want to skip to a later certain point of the video ...
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YouTube Permanent Private Live Stream Link

Is it possible to create a permanent live stream link in youtube? I am working with a school and they would like their videos to be private, but we do not want to have to update the link every time ...
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amazon prime keeps buffering [closed]

I have 25 Mbps home wifi modem connection, I am currently streaming on a smart tv through a ps3 app, Netflix and Hulu work fine, my ps3 is completely upgraded I have reset my internet connection an ...
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Older movies on Amazon Prime stutter whilst newer movies and all TV series stream fine

If I try to watch Crocodile Dundee for example I get major stutters (3-5 seconds long every 3-5 seconds) yet it's only older movies. All modern movies play fine as do all TV shows, it's bizarre and a ...
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How to (most efficiently) download video from Periscope?

Majority of the search results for "download periscope" lead to websites allowing me to download the app. "download periscope stream" is a much better search term that actually led me to two ...
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Is there a way to stream via UPnP from (Like BubbleUPnP can for Android?)

BubbleUPnP is able to login to your Google Music account on your Android device and then stream songs from the service directly to a player via UPnP, be it your home cinema or TV. If Android can do it,...
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How to explain to a non-tech person that YouTube is not a CDN [closed]

We need to be able to stream a variety of video formats using http/https URLs that return the video, 24/7. The streams will be played in a variety of webplayers we know nothing about. A non-technical ...
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Is there any way to force Amazon Instant Video into High Quality?

I'm watching a movie that is very dark, and it looks awful in low quality. Is it possible to force Amazon Instant Video into high quality? I am OK with long buffering times.
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How do I stream live on YouTube? [duplicate]

YouTube now has live video. How do I set that up for myself? I can't find information about live streaming anywhere.
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How does free music player retrieve the tracks from server?

Isn't it restricted? I mean even the radio is not gratis let alone streaming tracks or maybe it is using just for the track names and streaming them from other services like ...
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How do listen to radio online [closed]

How do I receive an online live radio broadcast feed in the U.S. using a laptop with Windows Vista?
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Is there any music streaming service that i can embed on my site? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a “youtube like” service for audio ? Videos got YouTube Photos got Flickr Are there similar services for music?
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Are there any good Pandora alternatives with general availability outside the US? [closed]

Unfortunately for us in Europe (and all the other non-US) based people, services like Pandora aren't available. So is there a good alternative to Pandora, where you can listen to streaming music? ...
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How do I undo a thumbs down on Pandora?

I accidentally gave a thumbs down to a song I really like. Does anyone know how to undo a thumbs down for a song on Pandora's website? Edit: I can't reach the song in my immediate history
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