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A service to provide panoramic views from positions at the street level.

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Why does Google blur out the name on this street sign?

I was searching StreetView in the UK for a particular road sign but when I got to the location I saw this: Why has Google blurred out the street name, but only one part of the street name? Other ...
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How can I find out when a particular Google Streetview scene was shot?

Looking at scenic roads, I think it would be quite interesting to know when the Google Streetview took the particular photo. In the linked example, it would give me an impression of possible snow ...
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How to view Street View for certain date?

I was checking out this answer showing how the Colorado DOT dealt with mile-marker theft issue. You can see that user Sparr used Street View images of the spot from different dates to answer the ...
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How to know which cities Google Street View are available?

Google just released Street View for some cities in my country. Are there some way to find out if a city is available on Street View? Is there a list of cities or a search tool?
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Is it possible to know date and time of photos used in Street View?

Is it possible to know date and time of photos used in Street View? If the answer is yes I'd like to know how. It is interesting for a number of reason, for example to know exactly in what period ...
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How to display route in Google Street View?

In the past, when you searched a route on Google Maps and then switched to Street View, the route was shown in the Street View image (as a thick blue line). That was a very useful feature, since it ...
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Save a place in Street View

Is it possible to save a place while in Street View mode? For example with this Google Maps link (screenshot) If I click the pin icon in the top left corner, it takes me to a screen where there's a ...
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Switch to street view in Google maps search results

In a past question, I've expressed my confusion about Google's behavior when it comes to navigating between search results by type of content (web search, image search, maps search…) - without losing ...
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How to search for Google photo spheres

Just for fun, I would like to be able to type a city or landmark into one of Google's apps and get a list of interactive photo spheres taken there. The main site ...
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Can I use "What's here" function in Google Street View?

When I use Google maps I get info of the place by "What's here" from right click menu. But I could not find same function when I use Google Street view. To get the info I need to enlarge right bottom ...
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Is there a way to use unaltered Street View images from Google Maps in a travel blog that runs AdSense ads?

I use my own photos in my blog most of the time. Now and then, though, I feel I need to provide my readers with a reference point. Ideally, this is how I would do this: I'd take a snapshot of a ...
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