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For questions about Stripe, the on-line payment processor.

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Automated webpage performance metrics from multiple external data sources

We currently use google sheets to pull together performance of webpages across the multiple platforms they integrate with. It's a laborious, manual process. We have a long list of pages from our ...
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How to count live subscriptions?

I'm wondering how many live subscriptions my company has. As-in customers that have paid us and not yet cancelled their subscription monthly payments. Is there any place that shows all of them?
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Migrating credit cards from one account to another in Stripe

I have a Stripe account with multiple customers under a single account. Now I need to migrate a customer's cards from one account to another. Example: A and B are customers of Stripe. How can I ...
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How do I use create orders/quotes in Cognito Forms without connecting to Stripe/PayPal?

We would like to use the payments feature but we don't want to actually receive online payments. We just want to give quotes to our clients. As far as we understand we can do that by creating a ...
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