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DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Substitles reters to onscreen, textual version of video dialogue (and sometimes sound effects), often in translation, and for captions (‘closed’ or ’open’ ) but not for alternate titles of works such as books, plays, films or music, etc.

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3 answers

Downloading auto-generated YouTube transcriptions

Is there a way to download the automatically generated YouTube transcriptions without downloading the video? I would like to check out the TED talks, but I have limited bandwidth and would like to ...
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Force subtitles in video on YouTube, if it's not embedded

I have uploaded the video on YouTubeand added the subtitles but the users don't realize that they can turn them on. I know there is particular URL parameter for embedded player, but it doesn't work ...
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12 votes
5 answers

How do I download subtitles from a YouTube video?

I want to save all the subtitles available for this video where there are subtitles available in three languages. Is there a way to download subtitle files from the video? Are they .srt files? I ...
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Add subtitles to a video of another user on YouTube

I would like to offer a translation to another user's video on YouTube. The original video is in Spanish and I would like to write a Hebrew translation that would be relevant to very few people. The ...
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Why can't I contribute subtitles to some YouTube videos?

Here someone asked if it's possible to contribute subtitles to a YouTube video. I know that it's possible because I contributed Italian subtitles for this video (because there is an option to do that)....
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Though YouTube has completely changed it's UI, why I am still stuck with the old icon for the subtitles button?

Though YouTube has updated it's layout and in the new layout the media control buttons like the subtitles button has a different icon now but I am still stuck with old icon. Everything is working fine ...
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Fix YouTube captions that have abnormally low-contrast

Recently, the subtitles in YouTube were changed to a very low-contrast, illegible white on grey colors: This doesn't happen in Firefox or in a new "Private mode" Chrome. What's causing this, and how ...
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Storing subtitle settings in YouTube URL

Can't I add some kind of string to the URL of the video to make it start off with the subtitles on and in the "right" language? We do have the option to have the video start up from a particular time,...
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