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For questions about the use of, TED’s (from Technology, Entertainment and Design) site for the non-profit idea spreading organization.

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Unable to Download TED video

I am using the latest version of Firefox but am unable to download TED videos. Firstly there is no download button visible anywhere on the page despite information on Google that there is a download ...
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Is it possible to choose video quality in TED online player?

Is there a way to choose a high quality video to watch online on TED? I can't find such option, and the quality won't change if I'll let it buffer a bit. When I download the video, it's in better ...
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Why Download button is hidden in TED?

I was able to download videos from TED simply by clicking on download button since couple days ago. But suddenly it has been hidden now! [it was on the right hand] So, How can I bring it back? or ...
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How to preserve a TED talk's subtitle and transcript language settings?

Right now I have the same question for videos on the TED Talks website as I have for YouTube videos: Is there any way to save/preserve the settings I make, so that I can forward the video with the ...
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