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Privacy and anonymity of Slackbot messages

Consider the following scenario. Company A develops a Slackbot for use in the Slack workspace of Company B by person C. Person C communicates with the chatbot of company A. Company A wants to ensure ...
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GitHub terms of service

GitHub website says it is "free to use for public and open source projects". Do the projects need to be public and open source, or just public or open source? By "open source" I mean FOSS.
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Why can't I have a "desired password" field on a Cognito Form?

I added a field on my form to ask the customer for their desired password (the form is to register for our online access). I received an error that I may be violating the terms of service with this ...
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Does Picasa allow hotlinking?

Does Picasa Web Albums allow you to hotlink the images on other websites? Or will doing so violate their terms of service? I tried to find this information in their terms but could not find it and ...
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Are deleted Gmail messages deleted from Google servers?

When I delete an email message from my Gmail inbox, is it also deleted and removed from the servers at Google? This is to say that I deleted it knowing that I wanted to and was sure and that I don't ...
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