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DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Text formatting refers to the appearance of text beyond the use of a standard character set in its simplest form. This includes: highlighting or colour, to draw attention; cursive, for informality; and other aids to the reader such as italic rather than Roman, eg for book titles, or monospaced, eg for code, and size, kerning, direction, small caps, strikethrough etc. Note tags [highlight], [special-characters] and [emoji] exist.

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How to reference a cell while keeping its color formatting?

Is it possible to reference a cell which contains "ABC" where B is blue and C is yellow while keeping the color formatting? Assume A1 contains the colored text, then I want B1 to refer to A1 and ...
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10 answers

How do I strikethrough text in Gmail?

Basically I want to strike through some text; how can I do this?
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5 answers

Create documents with plain text formatting in Google Docs

How do I make documents in Google Docs with plain text format? Sometimes I make changes to text pages on my site and upload them to the website. The files are PHP and I prepare the pages in ...
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How do I format text, specifically text links, in Google+?

Does anyone know how I would go about putting formatted text in a stream update in Google+? Specifically I'm trying to put text links in a post, without having to show the URL or have the page ...
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How to change the default link color in Google Slides?

I have a presentation in Google Slides. Every new link is colored cyan by default and all existing links have this default color as well. How could I change this default color that determines the ...
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How to format a negative number red within a mixed formula result

We use the following formula: ="Stu/W: " & TEXT((A$2/B2),"[Red]#,###,##0.00") &"€" and wish to have the resulting negative currency numbers colored red and positive blue. Unfortunately ...
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Text formatting enhancements on Facebook [duplicate]

Does Facebook have any text formatting enhancements like Markdown? While writing a comment or status update, can I use linked texts or @-referrals? Or is it just like Notepad?
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1 answer

Ordered list in Gmail with letters instead of numbers?

The Gmail composer appears to only offer numbered and bulleted lists. Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+7 for a numbered list Ctrl+Shift+8 for a bulleted list Is there a straightforward way to create an ...
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