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Access NNTP group migrated to Google Groups with newsreader (NNTP)

One of my favourite newsgroups (gmane.comp.lang.scala.user) recently moved to Google Groups. So I can't post messages from Thunderbird any more and I don't like the Google web interface. Can I access ...
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Move sent emails from Outlook to Yahoo server

I have a Yahoo email account on Outlook Express which uses POP3. I want to know how to upload all the emails I have in my sent folder to Yahoo server since now I want to manage my emails with IMAP. I ...
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How do I reimport e-mails of the last few days only from Gmail into Thunderbird?

After a complete reinstall, I am glad to see that all my settings and e-mails archives are safe in my ~/.thunderbird backup. However, a few days passed between my last ~/.thunderbird backup and the ...
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Some Yahoo mails in Thunderbird (IMAP) will be marked "not junk" immediately after marking them as "junk"

I have a standard Yahoo mail account set up with IMAP in Thunderbird (currently using version 38.1.0). I've been having this problem with earlier versions of Thunderbird too. It just didn't bother me ...
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Using [Imap], [Gmail], [Google Mail] folders in Thunderbird

I have a strange setup in my email client that I can't seem to fix. I've got two Gmail accounts setup but they're behaving differently. As you can see, the account at the top behaves as I would ...
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How can I reverse moving messages from archive to trash?

Concerned about space in my Gmail I just took a rash and stupid action, and "deleted" everything from the "archive." I did this on Mozilla Thunderbird on my mac. It's clear to me I haven't lost the ...
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