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An open source single page application wiki.

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1 answer

Tiddly Wiki tags list like in Tiddly Wiki Classic

In Tiddly Wiki classic I had a list with all Tiddlers tagged with the tag like the tiddlers name. Example: I had a tiddler named "Intro". When I have opened the tiddler "Intro" I ...
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1 answer

How to split out data from Tiddlywiki

I love TiddlyWiki, but due to the content being buried inside a massive HTML document, it is difficult to use it under source control, among other things. Is there a way to get it to store the data ...
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0 answers

How to migrate from TiddlyWiki to MediaWiki

How do I take my TiddlyWiki pages and add them to a MediaWiki? Other than manually copying and pasting, of course.
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Is there solution to make TiddlyWiki support multi-user privilege

I'm using TiddlyWiki to share my knowledge. Before publishing the final contents, I want then to be revised by a small group of users. In this sense, I hope there are some way to limit the privilege ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Saving changes in TiddlyWiki

I've been using Tiddlyspace for my personal notes for a while, but I've decided I would like a locally stored solution. I thought the obvious choice would be keeping a TiddlyWiki stored on my computer....
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1 vote
1 answer

Hosting Tiddlywiki on Google Drive

I have a gaming group and we share a number of documents via Google Drive. I'm now looking at putting together a Tiddlywiki (or some other stand-alone wiki-like package) to keep track of all of the ...
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Can you reorder tiddlers in a page?

Is there any way to reorder the displayed tiddlers on a page? Googles has utterly failed to help me: all I can find are full drag-and-drop implementations that are far too elaborate when all I want is ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Changing the name of a Tiddler in TiddlyWiki and retain the references pointing to it

I am new to TiddlyWiki and I am trying to make a webpage that I anticipate to edit later with some information changing. It would make sense to sometimes edit the name of some of the tiddlers, but if ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Search by tag in TiddlyWiki

I like the search by tag function on Super User. I can search any post tagged with both excel and macro using [excel] [macro]. Is there similar function for TiddlyWiki?
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How does one link between his/her various tiddlers?

I'm currently trying to figure this out. It seems a little complicated and I haven't found any resources that explain it clearly.
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