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Use for questions about using the Tiktok web app. Questions about using Tiktok mobile apps are off-topic on this site.

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How to get an american TikTok from another country?

(i want it cause tiktok is geography dependent) i think about this scheme: i create the account from browser from my PC throw VPN (US) i set a phone number of my US partner he tells me a confirmation ...
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How to lower the playback sound volume on TikTok?

My friends suggested me to watch a TikTok video so I opened the link and the video is opened in my browser. It was apparently muted so I wanted to unmute it, but the only thing I can see is volume ...
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How do I browse TikTok videos without a proprietary mobile app?

I wish to browse TikTok without a mobile app. Is there a web interface available? It seems that youtube-dl somehow can access the videos without a closed source app. How do I browse/search the videos?
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