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Refers to the act of monitoring user events and is majorly accompanied with a statistic or analytic tool to take out inferences from the gathered user data based on users' online behaviour. For example - Google Analytics is a tool by Google Inc. that keeps track of all the traffic that comes to a website.

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How to disable Yesware in Gmail?

I've recently become aware of a snoopy little Chrome extension called Yesware. Yesware brands itself as an email productivity service for salespeople. It enables those who use it to know when, where, ...
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Google Videos Search "sca_esv" query parameter possible tracking

When I search for something on Google and then go to Videos tab, I get a URL like
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What sort of mechanisms are used by web applications to track my actions? [closed]

I am concerned about my privacy. I have read in multiple websites and forums that it is very common for web applications to track my activities. However, I have no clear idea of the actual ...
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