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Questions tagged [transifex]

For questions relating to use of the translation services on Help regarding installation and set up of the software may be suited to

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1 answer

Transifex cannot reset the password

When using the Forgot password? function on Transifex, I get the following error: The user account associated with this email address cannot reset the password. This is the email to which ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How do you do a Transifex text search with an "or" operator?

I am tackling a bug on the Japanese site and want to search for three different strings so I can link them to the community. I would like to search for: refiner OR explainer OR illuminator How can I ...
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How do I change my interface language on Transifex?

Transifex allows users to translate strings on the platform, and there is a dedicated project just for translating the platform itself. However, I don't seem to have access to any functionality to ...
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Username change on Transifex

Is there are any way to change username on Transifex?
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