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Use for questions about the indexing system for Oath Inc.’s Tumblr microblogging and social network site.

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How can I make my Tumblr tags italicised?

I'm using this theme. I put the code below in to make tags visible, but I'm not sure how to make my tags italic/bold/underlined. Can anyone help me out? Google didn't help. {block:HasTags} {...
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Is there a way to delete the tag history in the search bar on your Tumblr profile?

In the Tumblr app, if you hit the search button on your profile a list of every tag you have used in a post will pop up. Is there a way to delete them? I deleted all the posts that contained the ...
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Made Tumblr tags visible, how to style them properly?

I use this theme on my blog, and used the guide from the How to show tags in my tumblr theme? [closed] question here on Stack Exchange to make Tumblr tags visible, and I wanted to style them like the ...
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Adding Tags to Blog's Index Page on Tumblr

I'm trying to edit this Tumblr theme. It doesn't show tags on the index page, but shows them on permalink pages. I've put {block:HasTags} {block:Tags} <a href="{TagURL}">{Tag}</a> {/block:...
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How to get rid of unused suggested tags on Tumblr

Suggested tags are useful most of the time, but if I make a typo and then reblog, then go back and fix it, Tumblr still saves that tag, which is very annoying. Even if I delete the tag from all posts ...
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How to retrieve tags from an Instagram photo?

I use IFTTT to put my liked Instagram photos into my Tumblr feed using this recipe. I would like to use the tags from the Instagram photo as tags for the Tumblr post, but the hashtags from the photo ...
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Making tags visible when using the Tumblr theme 101 by jaredbishop

I am using the theme 101 by jarredbishop and I noticed that the tags don't show. I tried using the {block:HasTags} {block:Tags} <a href="{TagURL}">{Tag}</a> {/block:Tags} {/...
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How do I add tags to this theme?

I've tried pasting in the code before the {/block:Posts} line, but it just puts them right on top of the next post, like this. Here's the whole code for the theme:
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Making Tumblr tags visible only on permalink page

I am currently using the Quite Big Tumblr theme. I have been able to add tags using these instructions among others, but would like to only have tags visible on permalink pages (for all post types).
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How to make Tags show in this Tumblr Theme that doesn't show? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Making tags visible when using a Tumblr theme that doesn't show them Here's the theme I'm using:
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3 answers

How do I change tag appearance on a pre-made Tumblr theme?

I was wondering if anyone knew how to help me with changing the appearance of my tags. They look like oldschool links (underlined and blue) and it's very garish - it clashes very badly with the rest ...
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How can I delete saved tags in Tumblr?

When I put a tag on a post, Tumblr saves that tag. Meaning, when I start making a tag on a different post later, it lists suggestions for autofill from previous tags I’ve made which so far have all ...
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Old tags on my Tumblr have stopped working. Can I fix them?

I have a comic book Tumblr where I track every comic book I read (sidenote: I know this is useless, it's Tumblr). I keep track of the comics with tags (series title, publication year, writer, artist ...
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Is there a limit to the number of tags Tumblr can remember?

I maintain a comic book Tumblr, where I post the covers to every comic book that I read and other assorted comic book ramblings. I tag every post with the series name, writer, artist, publication ...
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456 views tagging on Tumblr/ add tags to each post? [closed]

I recently tried out the tagging feature, which doesn't seem to work as planned. No matter if posted to Blogspot or Tumblr, the Tags never show up - the are appended as static text, not as ...
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Crossposting between Delicious and Tumblr so tags are synchronised

I rely heavily on ( and would like to post select Delicious links to Tumblr. This can easily be done by feeding the RSS feed for my "to:tumblr" Delicious tag into Tumblr. ...
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