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Questions tagged [tutanota]

Use for questions about the secure email service Tutanota from Tutao GmbH.

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How can Proton and Tutanota not support IMAP access if Hushmail is able to?

I'm trying to make sense of the IMAP support (or lack thereof) for the three "big" or somewhat established privacy e-mail services: Proton says: Proton Mail Bridge adds end-to-end ...
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Does forwarding e-mails to Tuta through Gmail compromise privacy no matter what?

I am using e-mail forwarding from Gmail to a tuta address (e-mail service with encryption) with 'delete Gmail's copy option'. Does that mean, that e-mails that get to my tuta inbox through Gmail are ...
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How to export email in Tutanota?

According to Tutanota's Reddit account, exporting individual email messages is possible.
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