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Twitter archive data downloading is blocked?

Hello, I applied to download twitter data but It says, "The download your data feature is unavailable right now. Try again at a later date." error message when I try. Would be very ...
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How to see other users' old tweets?

When I scroll down in an user's timeline, I can only go down so much and the website won't load any more tweets. I tried the search bar and it seems to give tweets from a certain period of time. I ...
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Photos in Twitter Archive [duplicate]

I regularly grab an archive of my tweets from Twitter because I'm a little paranoid that I'll be kicked off the platform at some point. However, the regular archive does not include images I have ...
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Twitter archive missing tweets?

I received my Twitter archive a few days ago after requesting it but I noticed that there are tweets that are missing from the archive that are on the site. These are tweets I posted long before ...
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4 answers

Twitter Archive Email Confirmation won’t send

I want to download my Twitter archive, but the email with the link isn’t arriving in my inbox. I’m sure it’s not a problem with my email because I still receive Twitter notification emails.
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How to download Twitter Direct Messages [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out how to download old Twitter DM's from the past few months. I did a Contaxio sync but the CSV file does not seem to contain any DM's at all. I tried to build a Twitter app ...
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How often can a new Twitter archive be requested?

The Twitter archive feature works by requesting an archive; once an archive is ready, receiving an email with a link to twitter, visiting twitter, and downloading the archive as a zip file. ...
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2 answers

How to view and download old Twitter Direct Messages

I'm looking to view and archive all my old DMs in Twitter, since I would like to revive conversations that took place 1 year ago. Acording to Twitter they don't delete old messages, they simply ...
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Getting ALL the tweets ever tweeted by the world

It might look a bit crazy, but I'd like to do some stats on all tweets from the beginning. I heard a team of scientists got them by asking Twitter directly, but I wondered if it was possible to get ...
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