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A standard for the consistent encoding and representation of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems.

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How is alphabetization determined in Excel and Google Sheets?

I was recently sorting data in Google Sheets that involved the word "hello" in various languages. An excerpt of this sheet is below. Column C was calculated using the =UNICODE(LEFT(B2,1)) ...
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Gmail label sorting: how to move a label to the bottom of the list

Gmail labels are sorted alphabetically, capitals don't make a difference. I can use tricks to change the sort order, like nesting, using characters like ! or _ or using emoticons. I want to move some ...
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Facebook gives the error message "Please enter your profile name using only letters" when I enter my name in Unicode

I have already entered my name in Russian language characters in Facebook. Recently I tried entering my name in Facebook in Sinhala Unicode characters. But it keeps me giving the error message "...
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Syntax for Unicode characters in regexes in Google Sheets?

What's the syntax to use for general Unicode characters in regular expressions in Google Sheets? Use case: When using REGEXREPLACE with user submitted strings in Google Sheets, I have come across a ...
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Exporting to PDF from Google Sheets removes emoji

I have designed a schedule in Google Sheets that uses emoji to indicate the character of each days activities. They display perfectly in Google Sheets. I want to physically print the sheet but when I ...
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Inserting non-printing Unicode control chars in Google Docs

How can I insert a Unicode non-printing character in Google Docs? for example left-to-right-mark LRM Unicode U+200E. I can see a menu option for inserting special characters for Unicode scripts, but ...
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How to get Google Sheets to correctly export Japanese to PDF?

Whether I choose "Download as PDF" or I choose "Print" and "Save as PDF" Google Sheets messes up the formatting on the PDF it generates Here's what it's supposed to look like and what it looks like ...
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How do I make permalinks use Unicode characters?

Most of my post titles on my blog use foreign language text which requires Unicode to show up correctly. When I post with a foreign language title all the Unicode characters are completely deleted ...
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How do I stop Twitter displaying URL contents? [duplicate]

If I tweet something containing wording that looks like (and is) a URL, but not intended to be interpreted as one, Twitter appends content from that URL to my tweet. I want to use the words ASP.NET ...
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How to prevent Gmail from transforming Unicode characters to emojis?

I'm trying to create an email signature in which I'd use the Unicode character 📞 as the 'phone icon. However, Gmail is transforming it into a huge image upon send, and I can't do anything ...
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Is it possible to use my name (in Greek) to create a Google account?

My name is Σ…ς Π…ς Χ…λ in Greek, and I would like to use this when creating a Google account. Is there anyway to get Google to use Unicode when creating my account so that my e-mail address will be Σ…...
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Use specific currency symbol in Google Spreadsheets

'₴' is a currency sign used for the Ukrainian Hryvnia. It's in Unicode since 2004. I want to use it in spreadsheets as a sign for money values, but Google Spreadsheets doesn't understand it as a ...
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How Do I Carry Out Unicode Searching in Google Calendar?

I was under the impression that searching for non English Unicode characters strings can be carried out in the same way as English character strings. But it appears that searching non English Unicode ...
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Is Facebook actively blocking emojis?

When I post all emojis that are available in OSX Mountain Lion on Google+, I get this (Safari screenshot): When I do exactly the same on Facebook I get this (Safari screenshot): Is it possible that ...
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How do you reference a Wikimedia image if the file name is non-Latin?

I am trying to reference the wikipedia commons image in an english wikipedia info box. The image is a wikimedia commons picture with a Japanese name. Somehow it does not allow it to be placed there. ...
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Is there a hack to force Twitter not to convert words like ASP.NET to links?

Currently, Twitter converts anything that has dot inside it into a link, e.g. ASP.NET becomes http://ASP.NET, Any.DO becomes http://Any.DO etc. I currently make a space if I want the word to stay the ...
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Importing Unicode Big Endian files into Google Fusion Tables

Is there a way to import Unicode Big Endian files into Google Fusion Tables? UTF-8 isn't working for me.
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Specific Japanese/Foreign Language text not rendering in modern desktop browser(s) [closed]

I've recently come across an issue where some Japanese text on certain web pages won't render properly no matter what I do. I've tested many browsers, changed character encoding and even gone as far ...
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How can I write math symbols or Greek letters in Gmail?

How can I write math symbols or Greek letters in Gmail?
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Symbol Script for Breast Cancer Ribbon

I have Windows Vista 32 bit with Javascript. I am a four time breast cancer survivor who uses Facebook for support, awareness, education and spreading positivity and my love of God. I would very much ...
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Google Docs: Unicode symbols not in default Windows fonts garbled

When using a symbol such as unicode elment of ∈, subset of ⊆, etc., which does not appear in standard windows fonts the PPT exported file contains blank squares instead of the font. I expected the ...
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