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How can we determine where Adobe Acrobat cloud store PDF form data? [closed]

After login to my Adobe Acrobat account via a browser, I am able load a PDF document from my PC and then enter data into the PDF document form fields. How do we determine whether the data entered into ...
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Can I see only unclassified items on Zetero web?

Zotero main webpage shows all my items where some are classified in the subfolders and some are not. I would like to see only unclassified items in the main page. Is it possible in the Zotero web ...
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What happens when I flag something on Lemmy (report comment moderation)? [closed]

What exactly happens when I report a comment or post on Lemmy? Who receives it, and what actions can they take? How can I track the progress of the report? Unlike most centralized websites like ...
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Ordered list in Superhuman with letters instead of numbers?

Same question as Ordered list in Gmail with letters instead of numbers? but for Superhuman instead of Gmail. The Superhuman composer appears to only offer numbered and bulleted lists. Shortcuts: ...
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MINTclass crashing (asking me to log back in), with this workflow

If I follow the following procedure, then MINTclass logs me out. I used this one time before, and it is very useful. However this week it is not working. It seems to be working on my desktop, but not ...
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How to get date from my Garmin ForeRunner 225 or Garmin Connect?

I just switched to a Garmin running watch (ForeRunner 225), and am missing some very basic stuff. As far as I can see, Garmin Connect (online), only shows a pokey little map of my run (actual size): ...
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Is it possible to migrate an Adobe Fonts / Typekit account's fonts from one team member to another?

We have a team license for Adobe Creative Cloud. One part of this is Adobe Fonts (previously called Typekit), a font licensing and hosting platform. A team member can add fonts to a project, and when ...
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How can I see all Oculus Quest applications?

I'm trying to use the Oculus Quest Store online web app to find games that I might be interested in. However, there are some apps that don't show up in the store unless I search for them. For example,...
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