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DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator - a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource.

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How to make Gmail automatically convert typed-in or pasted URLs into links

It used to be the case a long time ago that when you type in a URL into a Gmail compose window, and after typing in the last character (or immediately after pasting it in from the clipboard), and ...
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How can I get a custom Google Plus profile URL using the new Google Plus?

I have a Google Plus personal profile, and I want to get a custom URL for it. I meet all of the requirements for getting a custom URL: You have ten or more followers (people who have added you to ...
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Does Twitter's URL parser break URLs that contain certain strings?

I've been told that Twitter sometimes breaks URLs that have specific strings in them. This is the reason that Stack Exchange's tweet bots automatically shorten URLs before they're Tweeted. But after ...
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What is the URL for Google call/voice?

I found a URL for Google Tasks: Is there something similar for Google call/voice? On my Gmail page I can click on the arrow on the Google call window to make it pop ...
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Why does tinyurl produce 2 different links for the same URL? These two lines direct me to same page. Why does tinyurl produce 2 different links for the same URL?
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Hangouts alternative video call URL

When I start a video call in hangouts, I'm directed to an URL like this:,etc,etc) The problem is that, in my company, the domains ...
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Is it possible to create a Google image search URL for a specific size and color and text?

I'm creating a simple CMS, and I want to let users click a link in the administration panel to search for an image with specific attributes. These attributes are: Specific size (for example 1600*900) ...
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how to insert url parameter into a google docs document like a template doc?

i have a google docs (like a basic letter). in this document i place strings like %parameter1% %parameter2% and %parameter3%. is there a way to share this document and replace the strings %% by the ...
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How do I change or remove my old YouTube custom URL?

Attempted Steps: I created a new YouTube "brand" channel. I moved my library of YouTube content to this new "brand" channel. I created a new YouTube/Google account, using a new, non-Gmail email, ...
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How to access Blogger and YouTube from any other URLs

Is there any way to access Blogger and YouTube from any subdomain of Google? For example can I access Blogger from a link like
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How do I craft a URL to open/display a google sheet filtered by a certain parameter?

Sample Google Sheet: NAME AGE COLOR Robert 22 Red John 21 Blue Ann 20 Purple John 21 Green Call with URL: http://{URL to Google Sheet above}/parameters What parameters should I use here to ...
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How to add field/properties to a Trello Card. Specifically I want to set a CRM backlink in Trello cards

TL;DR How can I add custom fields/properties to a trello card? Any built-in feature? Any ready-to-use free power-up? If now, can I implement this inside my own power-up? If it's a free-text key/values,...
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How to quote formula result?

I have a function which returns a URL from hyperlink as a first parameter to IMPORTXML function. For the function to work I need to put the output of that function in quotes, how do I do it?
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