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DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator - a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource.

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Embed start time in a YouTube video

I want to give out a link to a YouTube video have it start the playback at a specific time in the clip, e.g., 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Is that possible?
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What is the URL for Google call/voice?

I found a URL for Google Tasks: Is there something similar for Google call/voice? On my Gmail page I can click on the arrow on the Google call window to make it pop ...
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Is there any URL available that shows only Mails of Gmail Inbox?

I want to display my Gmails in Google Gadget. So, after getting Sign In, is there any url available that directly display the mail header of my Gmail Inbox ? EDIT : I want to display emails of my ...
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URL tweets not appearing after logging in to Twitter [closed]

From our sites we are using Twitter to post some items, but if the user was not logged in to Twitter the supposed tweet is not carried over, instead we are directed to Twitter homepage and my tweet is ...
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How to find out main page of a website

When a website's main page cannot be opened as in this example, is it possible to find out the full address? In this example, I tried /index.htm and /index.html without success.
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How to test all the url inside your application? [closed]

Suppose you rollout a new feature and have done internal over haul in application which might have broken some links. You assume your testing team would have thrashed out the issues but that might not ...
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Can I change the URL of a Google Apps service installed from the Google Apps marketplace?

If I install a service such as Docs, Calendar, or Wave in my Google Apps account I get the ability to change the URL of the service from the stock-standard[service]/hosted/[my ...
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