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Either of services which play, edit or record still images in successive motion or the transmission of such in real-time

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Linking directly to a specific point in time of a YouTube video

If I find a video on YouTube that I want to send to a friend, but I really only care about something at the two minute mark, can I send him a link that will start at two minutes into the video for him?...
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Disable videos in YouTube, listen to the audio only

My internet connection is quite slow (128 kbps while browsing) and I want to know if I can disable video streaming on YouTube and listen only to the audio portion. There are many songs on YouTube ...
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Would like to exclude any sort of video from a Google search

I have a topic I'm interested in reading about. (DIY hamster toys in this case — but it could be anything.) When I do a Google search there are tons of videos in the results. In my initial ...
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How to stop YouTube player from showing related videos?

How can I stop the YouTube player from showing related video thumbnails and links? I am in search of YouTube video code that shows only the videos in our YouTube stream, i.e., only the videos we have ...
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How to set a default video quality on all YouTube videos?

I have a fair internet connection speed and every time I play a video from YouTube it defaults to 144p although my connection could support 360p without buffering. I have to manually switch to 360p ...
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How to save bandwidth in a Zoom call?

I am working from home and my internet connection has a quota. I already turned off my video and would like to stop receiving the video feeds of others. Can I make my Zoom audio-only? Or can I make ...
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Can I disable video auto-play on Facebook?

So Facebook has started to roll out auto-playing of videos in adverts and in news feeds. While it mutes them it still plays the video. Is there a way I can disable this and return to the old ...
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How do you share a private YouTube video to lots of people quickly?

I have to share 6 YouTube videos with more than 60 people but privately. Is there a better way to do this faster so that I don't have to paste them into each video one at a time? It's impossible to ...
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Why Download button is hidden in TED?

I was able to download videos from TED simply by clicking on download button since couple days ago. But suddenly it has been hidden now! [it was on the right hand] So, How can I bring it back? or ...
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