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Use for questions about Microsoft’s source code management product (formerly Visual Studio Online and similar to the on-premises Team Foundation Server (known as TFS)).

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Copying work items from Visual Studio Online (TFS) and getting HTML

I want to copy work items from TFS/Visual Studio Online by selecting them and hitting Ctrl+C or right-click, copy, and get the HTML. However Visual Studio Online overrides the Ctrl+C and right-click, ...
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TFS/Visual Studio Online - Make a query publicly visible

I have a query in Visual Studio Online and I want to make it publicly visible (e.g. via a URL that even people not in our team can access). I know I can share it within team (and know how to do this),...
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757 views log in download all source code

We have our source code hosted on One of the directors wants to be able to download a complete cut of the code once per week. Is there anyway they can do this direct from the ...
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Is there a way to integrate tasks within Team Foundation Server with Trello?

I'm attempting to determine if its possible to integrate Trello into our existing development environment. We're currently using Team Foundation Server as our source code control repository and I'd ...
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Does Team Foundation Server have a REST API? [closed]

I could have sworn that I stumbled upon documentation for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) REST API at some point, but can't seem to find it now. I can only seem to find stuff on their .NET SDK....
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