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Questions tagged [webex]

For questions about using Webex, Cisco's virtual meeting platform, in a browser. Questions about using the various Webex desktop or mobile applications are off-topic but can be used on Super User, Ask Different resp. Android Enthusiasts.

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Is it possible to change the volume per user in Webex?

During many Webex meetings there is often a disparity of volume between various users making it so that I need to continually adjust the volume. Is there a Webex feature or Windows workaround that ...
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How do I turn off the webex preview?

When I send someone a webex link, it automatically adds a large picture and preview which I have to x out of each and every time. How can I turn this off??
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How to see the participants' faces when I'm sharing my screen on Webex?

When I start sharing my screen on Webex, in the beginning, I can see the faces of the other participants at the top of my screen, but after some time they just disappear. Could you please help me see ...
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