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Webmail is the generic term used when accessing e-mails through the browser.

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Deleting inbox email in gmail results in delete of reply

When I do a reply and hit send in gmail, I sometimes will subsequently hit delete to delete the present email. But I have found that gmail will then subsequently delete the reply email in the Sent ...
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Messages fetched from custom domains through Gmail webmail client are not assigned labels

I added an account, [email protected], to be checked along with my personal Gmail account through the Gmail web client. I did so following these instructions with the settings provided by my web host (...
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Webmail account - emails content has disappeared

I have a webmail account with A few days ago, I found all emails in my inbox (read and unread) have the same content: the word "forbidden" in text format, and nothing else, any original ...
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Easier way to set up external POP3 accounts in Gmail?

Gmail lets you use other POP3 email accounts. Setting them up isn't too hard, but it does involve a few steps. Is there an easier way? I know many hosting providers offer 1 click configuration ...
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Archiving all in Gmail inbox--webmail vs IMAP

I have about 13,000 messages in a Gmail inbox, and would like to switch to a system of archiving messages once they're dealt with, rather than using read/unread status. I know how to do this via ...
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Making Zimbra web mail format replies for not top posting?

My company uses Zimbra web mail. I participate in a lot of traditional mailing lists, where top-posting is frowned upon. When I hit reply, I want the message set up for interleaved reply, but instead ...
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How can I use other color stars in mobile Gmail? [closed]

In Gmail on my desktop computer, I can star an email with a variety of colored stars/icons (red star, yellow star, green checkbox, etc.) but when I access Gmail on my Android phone, using the standard ...
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Using Gmail to manage multiple email accounts (not all

Can you use Gmail like you'd use Outlook or Mac Mail, i.e., be able to see a bunch of accounts and use them from inside Gmail? I know that you can do this in the new but we're already ...
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Moving Webmail to Google Apps

I am using Webmail (RoundCube) on cPanelX, using BlueHost web hosting. I am planning to move to Google Apps, is there any way to move my existing mail to Gmail?
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164k views with IMAP or Exchange?

Microsoft just launched a revamped Hotmail under the name It looks great and I'm thinking of migrating from Gmail, but I can't find anywhere whether supports IMAP or some sort ...
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Any way to speed up Kerio Connect?

My girlfriend is pulling her hair out using Kerio Connect at home for accessing her work emails. Everything seems to operate at a snail's pace. She is using Firefox on a MacBook Pro. I was wondering ...
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What happens to my old email username after I close down my account? [closed]

What happens to my web based email (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo) username after I completely close down my account? Is the username I closed down made available to new users or is it retired for good?
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Hosted email provider similar to Gmail [closed]

I am using Google's hosted email for my business right now. I like the gmail/web interface but I need to create some account aliases, auto-responders, etc. It is also $50/yr per account which I can'...
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Javascript in Email

How can I send an HTML email with JavaScript from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, to Gmail or Yahoo! Mail?
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Is there a way to forward my Yahoo mail to my Gmail account without paying?

I looked around a little bit on Yahoo and it looks like if I upgrade, I can forward my email. But I'm a cheapskate and I hate checking different accounts. Is there anything I can do?
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Sign and encrypt web-mail with digital id

Using a digital id to sign and encrypt messages in Outlook has been working fine. However, is there a way to do this in general using web mail via a web ui? I have both GMail and email from an ISP ...
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