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Use for questions about the use of the WeChat Chinese social media app from Tencent Holdings Ltd.

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How do I get a short URL for WeChat 公众号 posts?

I live in China and use WeChat to read 公众号 posts (kind of like a WeChat blog for companies, organizations, etc.). Their raw URLs are often of formidable length, such as
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How to read backup file of Wechat chats on Mac/PC?

I have the backup of my chats from Wechat running on an Android phone. How can I read the chats in that backup on my Mac/PC? Is there a Mac/PC application which can read the WeChat backup and give me ...
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How long does one have to wait to be able to connect to [duplicate]

When trying to connect to connect to, I get the error message: For account security, newly registered WeChat accounts are unable to log in to WeChat for Web. To use WeChat on a ...
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How long does it take for a newly registered user to be allowed to use WeChat on web?

Apparently, newly registered users cannot use the WeChat web application. Trying to log in by scanning a QR-code gives the following message: (*) For account security, newly registered WeChat ...
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Is there a way to load previous message on web version of WeChat?

I am using WeChat to communicate with my customer from mainland China. WeChat has a web version for better input and reading on PC. It is very much like the web version of WhatsApp, except that it ...
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