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"People widget" has disappeared in Gmail

Since a week or two ago, the "People widget" has disappeared in Gmail in my desktop browser. This is the widget that appears on the right-hand side of all emails, that shows information on the people ...
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How to figure out the live chat widget of websites? [closed]

If you would take a look at this website. It uses a pretty interesting chat support widget. How to figure out the company that made this?
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Why can't I access my widget settings in Twitter when it works for everyone else?

For the last couple of weeks I've been unable to access my widget settings for my Twitter account. When clicking Widgets on the Settings page, I get this error: My widgets are still working, but I am ...
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How do I create a timeline in my WordPress blog?

I see some sites use a timeline graph using some Google tools. I am not able to get it in WordPress. How do I get a timeline graph in a WordPress blog ?
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AddThis Share button

I wanted to add 'share-button' to my blog hosted by blogger but when I click the 'Install Widget', it's not working, no content/html in the box. How to tweak this?
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Can I remove the Recent Photos without disabling the People Widget?

Google has added a box displaying recently received photos in Gmail to their People Widget, which can present a huge privacy concern when checking your email in a public place: I know that I remove ...
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Can I automatically add related posts to my posts on

Is there a widget or some other feature which will automatically add related posts to my blog posts on I know that I can use Zemanta (in my case, via a Chrome plugin) to add related ...
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How to create Twitter vertical count button?

I saw vertical button by Twitter in some pages and tutorials but I couldn't find out how to get the code for it. How can I make it look like the first widget on this image?
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Calendar and Chat widgets in new Gmail

In Gmail's new look, is it possible to bring back the Chat and Calendar widgets? They are turned on in Settings, but aren't showing. Am I missing something or this is normal behavior for now?
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Creating a widget from a blog's RSS? [closed]

I would like to create a widget of content from my RSS feed, so to put into an HTML website. The output should be similar to what you get from the RSS widget in WordPress. What webapp offers a good ...
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Is the official Twitter search widget subject to the API rate limit?

I have been told by a development partner that we cannot use the normal Twitter search widget - found here - because of the API rate limit. My ...
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What URLs do I need block annoying social widgets? [closed]

Widget Block is a lovely extension that blocks noisy bloat that is of no use to me and actually makes my browsing experience much worse. The extension lists the following domains: ...
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