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Use for questions about the Xmarks (once Foxmarks) web browser extension for password synchronization between browsers and storage of bookmarks with encryption while in transit between the browser and LogMeIn, Inc.'s (branded LastPass) servers.

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Xmarks limitations - How many is too many? [closed]

Is there any documentation on the maximum number of bookmarks that Xmarks supports? I am looking at setting up and using Xmarks to solve a issue with de-duplicating bookmarks. I have a rather large ...
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Cross browser, cross platform bookmark sync? [closed]

Now that xmarks is closing (See blog: ), I am looking for a bookmark sync solution that has the following features: "Secure", i.e. unauthorized users should not have ...
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Delicious to Xmarks bookmarks migration

Does anyone succeeded with full migration from to Xmarks? I've read it's possible to move 100 most used Delicious bookmarks to Xmarks, but 100 is just a small part of my bookmarks ...
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xmarks and iPhone Safari

Is it possible to sync my iPhone Safari's bookmarks with my xmarks profile?
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